Tailbone pain reliever with coccyx cushion

Coccyx pain is the pain at the lower back of spine where there coccyx is composed of four fused bones are together. It is also called tailbone pain. It is the pain at the bottom of the spine where the coccyx is located. It is faced by Women because of pregnancy or give birth to the young one. Coccyx cushion is specially designed to heal pain at coccyx. This is a cushion which provides you relief.

How is the coccyx pain caused?

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Coccyx pain is caused due to the pressure, or the body weight exerts on the tailbone. This leads to the fracture, but there is no surgical treatment or any way for healing coccyx pain. This leads to chronic pain after a particular period. Healthy people have to bear twice the pain.

How coccyx cushion provide relief?

These cushions are made of the different material which is softer and prevents to exert direct pain on the coccyx. These cushions are invented in NASA. It gives gentle support to your lower back. It may prevent the direct pressure exerts on the tail bone while sitting for a long period.

Features of coccyx cushion

1.    Portable

It has a very good feature is that is it easy anywhere like a bag. This cushion can be used in office, cars or any other vehicle.

2.    Gentle care

This cushion adjusts your body weight and help in comforting the spine. This cushion prevents the spine from the direct pressure and provides gentle care.

3.    Eliminate pain

 This remove the pain you have in your spine when sits for a long time. It is the soft cushion which keeps your spine in an upright position and prevents from sitting in an incorrect posture which causes pain.

This is a really good product which is made for curing coccyx pain. If you are suffering from the coccyx pain, then you must have to use the coccyx cushion

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